Fortune Hunters

Hunters Gather

Felin posted a single word. Xazax. It wasn’t much, but it was enough. Xazax was not a particularly important comodity in Andoran. But it meant a lot to some in Almas.

Curtis, Dunbaldir, and Lander met Felin in a private room in The Pleasure Dome. There they quietly shared what they had learned of the mysterious xazax.

Theo’s Mining Company was mining the substance near Falcon’s Hollow and shipping small quantities south to Almas. Recently, however, shipments were being diverted by bullywug pirates along the Andoshen River. The last known raid had occured three days to the north at Voran’s Keep and the party felt they could ‘retrieve’ the material without ‘interference’ from local authorities.

They made quick preparations and started north in the morning. By noon of the third day, the party found a strange scar of mud oozing slowly down a hill and into the river. At the top of the hill, and at the source of the mud-flow, they explored a ruined keep. Bullywugs, indeed, guarded the keep.

Five of the foul creatures fell to the blades and magic of the determined party. Before continuing onward, the raiders searched the area, noting that the mud seemed to flow unabated from beneath the walls of the keep. One of the fallen bullywugs wore a shiney shirt of mail that proved to be enhanced with magic, although the stench of the creature permeated the leather of the mail. Curtis bravely donned the armor, in the hope that it could protect him better than his own worn mail. The party also located doors that opened onto a cavernous space beneath the ruined keep.

Entering the underground storeroom, Lander stealthily identified four more bullywugs wallowing in the mud that flowed through the wall and, presumably, down the hill. Unfortunately for everyone, Lander stumbled from the top of the stairs and fell to the floor. The others stormed into the room and began battling the bullywugs. The animals below ground were either better prepared for the battle or just stronger creatures, for Lander fell twice under the onslaught. Both times, Curtis was able to revive and assist him, but by the end of the battle, everyone was exhausted.

Searching the room identified only a set of doors, under which the ubiquitous mud flowed. Since most reports of the bullywug pirates notes a dozen or more of the creatures, the party knew there had to be more than six more of the deadly foes. They agreed to rest, above ground.

Felin was able to construct a shelter over the surface doors and Dunbaldir managed to magically purify the bullywug armor that Curtis was wearing. The party passed the night without further incident.


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