Curtis Vestial (DECEASED)



Curtis is a Rune Priest 5’10’’ weighing in at about 200 lbs with muscles to show. always with his trusty war hammer equipped with hardy scale mail, Curtis is ready for action.


Curtis Vestial is the younger brother of Robb Vestial and Richard Vestial who’s family hails from nobility from Cheliax. During the overtake by Demons their grandfather Vincent Vestial fought against this new rule and was slain in battle. The Vestial estate was overrun and the and Vincent’s son Rictor Vestial who was at the age and his wife Elane with their infant son Richard fled with a few of the servants into Andoran. There they built a new home but never forgetting where they came from. years later Elane gave birth to Ellen and soon after that Robb and after that Curtis, then Joscelin. currently Rictor is 71 and Elane is 68. Richard is 45, Ellen is 40, Robb is 23, Curtis is 21,and Joscelin is 18.

Richard is acting as head of the household learning the ways of the Paladin of Bohamet, Ellen has married and lives in the estate and has a young daughter Jessica (16) who plays with Joscelin and is fascinated by the Runes that Curtis wields. often teaching her about runes (even though women are discouraged from fighting within the family) they formed a close bond.

After a few weeks of being within the city limits with Robb, Curtis got a lead on some xazax and pursued it. He traveled with Felin and company to a keep full of Bully wogs. after two skirmishes Curtis was feeling confident about the task at hand. The party had decided to rest before continuing further into the keep and barricaded the entereance as to not to allow any enemies in or out. the next day the company went further in. Felin and Curtis using their strength opened a set of large double doors to find more enemies. A battle ensued, Curtis was holding his own at first, though not being much help either, was eventually struck, bitten, and swallowed by a large toad. After mustering the strength to pry his way out of the belly of this foul beast was struck my a magic weilding Bolly Wog in a flash of lightning and flames. Charing him to the bone. sadly, Curtis was slain.

Curtis Vestial (DECEASED)

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