Harraphan Galadonel

A Ranger and Eladrin Soldier,


Harraphan Galadonel: Eladrin Ranger, 12th Level – (Sharpshooter – Paragon Path)
Initiative 13

Insight8 (18 Passive)
Perception13 (23 Passive)

Feats: Toughness, Quick Draw, Versatile Expertise (Bow/Heavy Blade), Lethal Hunter, Hunter’s Aim, Eladrin Soldier, Weapon Proficiency (Greatbow), Mark of Passage, Fey Step Trailblazer.

Powers: At-will Hunter’s Quarry, Twin Strike, Fading Strike. Encounter Fey Step, Easive Strike, Disruptive Strike, Hawk’s Talon, Weave Through the Fray, Perfect Aim. Daily Hunter’s Bear Trap, Two-Wolf Pounce, Marked for Death, Begin the Hunt.

Equipment: Summoned Earthhide armor +3,Scout’s Greatbow +3, Paired Longsword +3, Resplendent Cloak +2, Bracers of Defense, Ebony Fly (fluffed to Dragon-fly), Wallwalker Boots, Climbing Claws, Dice of Auspicious Fortune.


Physical: Harraphan is tall and slender (6’ / 175#) with red-blonde hair and grey-green eyes. He has seen the passage of two mundane centuries, but is considered a youth by most Eladrin.

Appearance: Harraphon has an intense stare that can be disquieting to strangers. He does not tell stories, but he relishes a well-told tale and laughs easily in secure srrroundings. On the hunt, though, he is impatient with “tomfoolery”.

History: Born to the noble House Galadonel, Harraphan’s mother, Kyreilinoth ne Silaminae, is Firre of Song and 3rd cousin to Queen Morwel herself. His father may not be as high-born, but as Shiradi to Verin, Dosiwymeth Galadonel has earned his title, and the respect of the Court of Stars.

Harraphan is very aware of his heritage, and has high expectations for himself in the same regard. While entitled, by birth, Harraphan’s drive to adventure comes from a need to prove that every title must be earned. He came to the Feywild Court near Andoran to lead his troops against the corruption in the Garden of Graves. He was both disappointed, and secretly relieved, that a group calling itself Corrpution’s Bane had already accomplished the deed. He is secretly ashamed of his feeling of relief because he fears it might be some cowardice.

He has aligned himself with Corruption’s Bane in order to accomplish several things. First, Harraphan doubts the aims of the mundane group. He will support and help them with all his power, but he is waiting for their true motive to be revealed. He will then, of course, defend the Feywild and earn the title that is his by mere accident of birth.

Another reason for Harraphon’s sojourn with Corruption’s Bane is to prove to himself that the nagging feelings within are not cowardice or weakness on his part. If he can stand beside these mundanes and face all that they fear, then he will know that he is truly noble.

The one they call Raelnor is a puzzlement to Harraphan. He has many fey characteristics and a noble bearing, but he is clearly not of the Feywild. He is too “dead” to be fey, but he is not of the Shadowfell, eiher.

Harraphan Galadonel

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