Halfling Rogue


Lander is a young halfling, in his early twenties, small and slight. He is barely four feet tall and weighs less than eighty pounds. Because of that, though, he is very quick. He usually ties his bushy brown hair into a tight knot at the back of his neck. His face has the stereotypical halfling roundness, although he is not slow witted as many consider the small people. His brown eyes are bright and constantly scan any room or street for unnoticed opportunity (or threat).

His usual attire is dark brown pants with green vest over a blue shirt. He is never without his slender dagger, or a few shiruken hidden somewhere close at hand. He also wears a pair of fine, black leather shoes, with soles so soft that he can feel a coin dropped underfoot.

If there is trouble brewing, Lander dons a boiled leather chest coat and ties similarly stout leather chaps to his waist and legs.


Lander has never known a family. He grew up on the streets of Brastlewark where he learned to take what he needed from anyone who had it. Before he was caught by any lawful authority, however, Lander came under the watchful eye, and heavy fist, of Raumstraug, an elfish rogue who profited from the underhanded efforts of others. Raumstraug kept Lander from landing in the hands of reformers who would supress the halfling’s natural talents for stealth and thievery.

Unfortunately, however, Raumstraug made a mistake. As authorities descended on the hidden thieves’ enclave, Raumstraug gave the order to scatter. Like mice fleeing a plague ship, a dozen or more children scampered into the night, loosing the only home most had ever known. Lander was one of the few lucky ones to evade capture. He was also fortunate enough to have gathered the bits and pieces that came to hand as he fled: a knife and a couple of throwing stars.

With his fortune bleak before him, Lander turned away from Brastlewark and wandered. Nowhere in Cheliax, however, would have a street rat and rag-a-muffin like Lander. A couple years ago, he wandered east and found himself in Andoran, still alone, still destitute, still without much hope.

It was Felin who recognized the boy’s talent. Felin began including the halfling on jobs that seemed profitable. And Lander began understanding just how much he needed civilization. Oh not for company, or support, but rather for the waste and corruption that flowed around cities like Almas. Every transaction became an opportunity. Every shady deal could be turned to advantage. That was the magic of Felin’s methods.

Even with Felin’s guidance, however, Lander felt lost, adrift in a sea of wealth that did not seem to satisfy. Then he found his muse, Doraline. She was the daughter of a wealthy Andoranian Lord and the most beautiful girl Lander had ever seen. When their eyes met in the market square Lander felt a profound spiritual connection. When he saw her smile, Lander knew that Doraline felt the same for him. Oh, he did not know her name at that moment, but he knew in his soul that they were destined for each other.

Lander had to be careful, however. It took Lander more than a week to learn who Doraline was and what family she came from. Doraline’s father was a man of principle and status. He would never allow Lander and Doraline to be together, at least not until Lander could prove himself. And Felin had given Lander the skills to do just that. Xazax would give Lander power back in Cheliax, enough to earn the respect of Doraline’s father, and enough to woo the precious Doraline, herself.

With Corruptions Bane’s success came responsiblities. Through a series of Raelnor’s machinations, the lovely Doraline joined the party in Falcon’s Hollow. Lander finally worked up the courage to express his love for Doraline and learned that she felt the same way about him. Lander, realizing that his reasons for adventuring were being fulfilled beyond his dreams, wanted to take Doraline back to the Quiet Court so that they could live in peace and under the protecton of the Eladrin of the Feywild.

With his finace in tow, Lander has left the main party of Corruptions Bane and is an agent-in-exile to the Quiet Court.


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