Ponzichar Pelowing

Human Paladin


Short, slight, very young looking blond. Don’t mistake her build for being weak because her divine powers granted to her by being a paladin have made her very strong.


Hates six-sided objects, and has an irrational compulsion to destroy them (usually satisfied by killing a gelatinous cube or two every now and then).

She was born during a celestial event, to a minor noble family of Cheliax, that only comes once every 1,000 years, and as a result, is considered a child of prophesy. Her family was very wealthy and provided trade for all the nearby towns because their town, Misarias, existed on the banks of a major river through Cheliax. They also provided trade for the nearby kingdom of Raselvia. Raselvia was a reclusive kingdom and only traded through the Pelowing family. In return, Raselvia provided military support when bandits decided to get uppity.

As she was growing up, everyone told her that she was destined to return Cheliax to its former glory and bring glory to her family name in turn. She took what they said to be a prophesy and determined that she alone will destroy the devils that rule Cheliax and bring her family glory. When she was 12, the kingdom of Raselvia was attacked by the devils and destroyed. One of the members of the noble family, Raelnor, fled and sought sanctuary with her family.

The hatred she had for devils intensified when they raided Misarias and killed all her family members. As the attack began, her father shouted for Raelnor to hide her and to take her east to the Monastery of Order. Suddenly, a devil broke through the door and beheaded her father in front of her. The devil then turned to her and was about to do the same when a glowing sword burst through the devil. As the devil fell, Raelnor beheaded it, leaving no witnesses. He then grabbed Ponzichar and spirited her away. She was only thirteen years old.

Ponzichar and Raelnor followed her father’s instructions and traveled east to the Monastery of Order. There, they met a paladin who knew her father and knew of the prophesy. He trained her in the ways of the paladin. When she was old enough, 19, he conferred her to the order. During the devotion, she had to choose a patron deity. Raelnor was devoted to the Raven Queen and had explained his devotion to her and the meaning behind the deity of death. Ponzichar chose the Raven Queen as her deity because she felt that the philosophies taught to her by Raelnor fit her best.

The night after the ceremony, Ponzichar had a dream. In the dream, she was queen of Andoran, her throne being in the city of Almas. 4 people, one of them being Raelnor, approached her with exquisite dresses that appeared to be made of drapes. She tried each and every dress on. After she was done, a tiefling appeared and the 4 people joined her to fight him.

The next morning, Ponzichar felt weak and went to her mentor and told him her dream. He explained that it was a prophetic dream, but he wasn’t sure what it meant, only that she and Raelnor needed to go to the city of Almas. He also explained why she had the dream. In the prophesy that was given at her birth, she had to become a paladin. Her parents, convinced that the prophesy could not be about her, kept the paladin from training her from birth. The attack from the devils showed her father the error of his ways, so he sent her to train to become a paladin and fulfill her destiny.

Raelnor and Ponzichar left the monastery and traveled through Logas and Chitterwood to get to Andoran. In the town of Logas, Ponzichar found out that they were having trouble with a local band of goblins. These goblins resided in the Chitterwood and legend says that there is a tunnel located there that the goblins guarded. The tunnel would lead through the Aspodell Mountains and cut 2 months off their trip.

Determined to get to Almas as fast as possible, Ponzichar ignored the warnings of the townspeople and headed off into Chitterwood. Their trip through Chitterwood and to the tunnel was uneventful, but as soon as they entered the tunnel, they encountered a gelatinous cube. Inside the cube were the remains of goblins, all in varying stages of digestion. Unable to get around the cube, Ponzichar and Raelnor were forced to fight it. As the battle wore on, the cube seemed to be distracted. Suddenly, a fresh goblin corpse appeared inside the cube. As Ponzichar and Raelnor were fighting one side of the cube, the goblins, trapped inside the tunnel, were fighting the other side. Unfortunately, they were losing the battle.

Aware of the dire situation, Ponzichar prayed to the Raven Queen for help. As she prayed, she felt calmed and full of power. She attacked the cube one more time, putting all her strength into the attack. Her sword cut through the cube like butter and all the goblins the cube had eaten spilled out. The cube quivered twice and collapsed into a puddle of green goo. Exhausted, Ponzichar collapsed and blacked out.

When she came to, she was inside the tunnel, surrounded by goblins. The goblins all stared at her reverently until one, obviously the chieftan, came forward. He declared her their savior and bowed before her. Unsure of what was going on, Ponzichar looked for Raelnor for guidance, but he was nowhere to be found. She asked the goblins what happened to her companion and they said he ran back toward Logas. When she tried to get up, the goblins started to cry. When she asked them what was wrong, they said that she was the warrior in the prophesy. According to the prophesy, a warrior would come to the tunnel and save them from a great evil. In exchange for saving them, they were to swear fealty to the warrior and allow her army passage through the tunnel. The goblins all bowed to her, their heads all they way to the floor. She left them there and they made no move to stop her.

Worried about Raelnor, Ponzichar went back to Logas where she found him surrounded by a group of the townspeople, all bowing to him. When Raelnor noticed her, he walked over to her, but would not say anything about what happened in the town. They traveled back to the tunnel, and as they were passing the goblins, Ponzichar remembered that the townspeople were having trouble with this particular tribe of goblins. She stopped and told them not to attack the town again. The goblins all said they wouldn’t. She and Raelnor continued through the tunnel and out the other side.

They found themselves on the banks of a river. Using their map, they discovered they were on the banks of the river that Falcon’s Hollow was on and decided to travel there to charter a riverboat to take them down to Almas. They arrived in Falcon’s Hollow and followed through with their plan. A week later, they docked in Almas and left their ship. They stopped the nearest dockworker and asked for a good inn to stay in and he suggested the Pleasure Dome. They went to the Pleasure Dome and got rooms for themselves and began to try to figure out what the dream meant…

Ponzichar Pelowing

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