Human Fighter/Swordmage Hybrid


Raelnor Geniat: Tall, muscular man standing 6’4” and weighing in at 220 lbs. Long hair of grey / white hue, pale skin and somewhat solemn disposition. Wears black leather with a full cloak covering his head most of the time. His pale grey eyes seem dispassionate, as if disassociated with the world around him. Carries his sword with the same ease as he would either of his arms or legs


Raselvia is a small kingdom in northern Cheliax surrounded by a dark forest and set against an imposing mountainside. Few travelers wander there and those that do either never return to Raselvia, or never return… at all. The people are of Romanian culture, gypsy villagers that have found a home in a dark and mysterious place. At the center of this territory lies Castle Geniat, home of the Geniat Noble Family. The Geniats themselves are barely known outside the locale, if but only in whispers and campfire stories.

Raelnor Geniat was born into this family, a fraternal twin of Reugar Geniat. As was custom in Raselvia they were born of their father, Vlivus Geniat, and a mortal maiden woman who later disappeared. The mother’s family was paid a generous sum for her loss, and they never uttered her name again.

Raelnor and Reugar grew up as normal mortal nobility learning leadership and life skills from Vlivus and his wife, Celandra, who they called mother. Horseback riding, diplomacy, war tactics, all of these schools were conditioned into them as well as a sense of honor and code. Raselvia citizens respected if not feared them, and life was as should be for those of fortunate birth. When both the brother were of age Raelnor and Ruegar were taken into a underground chapel deep within their castle home. There they received The Rite. Both boys died that night, tasted blood, and rose again as Sons of Raselvia. The Geniat family had performed this right for thousands of years, long before the Cheliax Empire stood, and it was thought to perform it long after the stars fell from the sky. Unfortunately, Fate had other plans.

After becoming Sons Raelnor and Reugar continued their training as Vampire Lords, learning from their father and mother and reigning over their land as was their custom. Raelnor was particular good at battle tactics and often would lead a small escort of Blood Knights to Raselvia’s borders where intruders dared to tread. These intruders were always dispatched quickly and quietly, never to be seen again. There were tales of full regiments of exploring or conquering armies that would enter the woods or mountains only to mysteriously disappear, their only remnants where burned campfires and fading footprints.

His Brother, Reugar, was a bit more sporting. Often he would leave the country to seek adventure, reveling in his immortality and power. Ruegar would always return however to celebrate his fortune and family, bringing with him writs of alliances and his own tales of faraway lands. Raelnor never was jealous of Ruegar for this, and the brothers lived in peace, each understanding and fulfilling their role.

A few generations passed and some borderland towns of Raselvia became despondent. Soon, churches arose dedicated to Pelor. Knights and paladins entered the western borders and spread their influence like wildfire to the Raselvia people. Soon, the Geniat family was at odds with its own kind, a bitter battle between the light of day and the dark of night. Rivalries started between the church and the Geniat family as one sought to ‘cleanse’ the other. This war lasted for centuries. Raelnor himself was at the head of this war, seeking to wipe out the church while being cautious, ever cautious, of his family and their weaknesses. Due to the church influence he could not simply eradicate the people of the Light, for martyrs had a habit of breeding followers. No, he was tactical, resourceful, always hidden. Striking from distances as a great leader would, and taking great care to not commit acts of hubris. Raelnor eventually convinced his Ruegar to stay in the land and fight the war with him, and the brothers untied to cure Raselvia of its current fanatical sickness. This war lasted for decades. The Sons, after all, had all eternity to win.

Raelnor’s memories from this point in his life become hazy. He knows he is over 700 years old. He knows of his father, his mother, his brother. He knows of other members of his Family, and of his land. He even remembers some of the names of the knights and paladins of Pelor that were his rivals: Sir Kentin, Wallik, Derris. He can practically taste the damp corridors of his family castle, the smell of the dark forest where he would plan guerilla tactics, and feel the dirt of his homeland under his feet. However something happened to Raelnor that he simply cannot remember. A large chuck of his past has been ripped from him as if by force, and if he focuses on it Raelnor experiences great pain in his head. It is as if he is being punished for something, and remembering is a backlash of that punishment…

Raelnor DOES remember waking up. He arose in a Pelor Chapel on the outskirts of his lands. All around him there signs of a great holy ritual. He lay in the middle of it on a pedestal. From what he gathered, the ritual was to ‘cure’ him, to turn him mortal once more, to release his shackles of greatness and return him to a simple man of flesh and blood. Apparently it had worked, Raelnor was mortal once more. This confuses Raelnor, for he remembers no binds, chains or any other restraints upon his body when he woke up. It was if… he was a willing participant…

Something went wrong however. Knight, Priest and paladins alike lay dead all over the church floor. The chapel itself was ransacked, as was the town, fires long since burned out and walls toppled over as if it was the center of a great battle. Picking up a glowing sword of one of the late paladins, Raelnor went outside to find more horror awaiting his gaze. Citizens also laid ruined, dead bodies contorted , smashed and burned lay about in abundance. The first few moments of being ‘awakened’ made Raelnor sick, ad feeling he had not experienced for tens of centuries. Instinctually he knew this was not the work of the Geniat Family. The Geniats had more finesse, and would never intentionally kill innocent bystanders. No, this was sloppy work. Evil work. Work of an army that simply wanted to kill and level the land of it’s populace. Raelnor found his way to the Family castle only to find it in ruin as well. A great battle took place, that much was certain. However the castle eventually fell. Inside he discovered mocuh of the same: dead bodies lay where the fell, both mortal and vampire alike. He found his father, Vlivus, staked to his bed, his head lopped off. In the corner laid the burned husk of what he assumed was his mother, Celandra. No sign of Reugar was found, though vampiric remained tend to scatter themselves to the winds.

Raselvia itself was also in ruin: all that was left of the strong and willful country were ransacked towns and the survivors trying to pick up the pieces of their lost families. No one recognized Realnor as a Geniat, so gathering information of what happened was easy. Apparently a few months ago Raselvia was besieged suddenly and unexpectedly with a devil army. Ferocious creatures of the ‘Otherworld’ feasted upon the land like locusts. The attack was so sudden that there was no preparation from it: only deal. Those that survived were people simply not there when it happened, on trips of some reason or another only to return to find the land destroyed.

Realnor remembers none of this, nor can he make sense of it. Why would an ARMY of devils invade and conquer his lands? How did the arrive so fast? Why did they kill Geniat and men of Pelor alike? Where were the rest of his family?

Raelnor did not have time to consider this questions for long in his homeland. For while he was able to ask questions of the populace in anonymity, his presence was not long unobserved. Soon, Raelnor found himself ambushed not once but three times, in separate areas of his homeland. In his bed, on the rode in the woods, it mattered not. Would be devil assassins would fall upon him, sneering and spitting his name as they attempted to assassinate the Son of Geniat. Raelnor was up to the task to defend himself, however each attempt on his life became stronger then the last. Being a tactical man, Raelnor knew it was only time before the succeeded. So he fled the lands. He found a noble family sympathetic to the Geniats, who were also attacked by these Outsider vermin. He and one of their daughters, Ponzicar, left Cheliax to seek resources on the borders and to return with a full force to rid the lands of the devils once and for all.

Raelnor knows very few certainties. He knows whatever the ritual that was performed on him succeeded. He is at once mortal again. At least, it works for now, for even as he walks in the daylight so long denied him, a gnawing hunger grows in the pit of his stomach…

He knows Devils ruined him and his Family. He knows that Asmodeus is involved, for it was his assassins that tried to overtake him.

Raelnor knows his true allegiance is to his home, Raselvia. He had to leave to preserve his life, but he will return to rebuild his lands, to take charge of his people and lead them back to their former way of life.

He knows that Ruegar might be out there somewhere, as well as others of his family. They wait, hidden in the shadow, for someone to find them and lead them to glory…

Raelnor also knows that once he returns the Outsider army, the followers of Asmodeus, and all those associated with their kind will burn. Not burn in the fires of their ‘Otherworld, no.

Their souls will burn in the stomach of the Sons of Raselvia, their cries of agony and pain feeding his Immortality for centuries to come.


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