Robb Vestial

Robb, battle Cleric of the Fortune Hunters


Robb is of a large muscular build at roughly 6 feet and 190 lbs. Specializing in both combat and divine mediation he is a hearty battle cleric. Donning magical dwarfen mail handed to him by his mentor to protect him and a large morning star. Robb is more than capable of not only holding his own in battle, but can ensure that others will continue the fight.


Robb Vestial is the older brother of Curtis Vestial who’s family hails from nobility from Cheliax. The Vestial family was a family of warrior scholars who believed that with knowledge, came power. During the overtake by Devils their grandfather Vincent Vestial fought against this new rule. Believing that pacts with devils for power was no different than being a salve and House of Thrune began to alter history by book burning and deceitful teachings which is against the ways of Ioun, the diety the House of Vestial follows most closely. Their manor was even a war academy dedicated to creating the finest soldiers of Cheliax, but due to the fact that House of Vestial was of minor nobility, during the civil war many houses chose to un-associate themselves. During a siege on the estate Vincent stayed behind with his captain of the guards, and loyal combat scholar and a small force promising to survive and rendezvous with the family at a later time. Sadly they were never seen from again. The Vestial estate was overrun and the and Vincent’s son Rictor Vestial who was at the age of 20 and his wife Elane with their infant son Richard who had just ben born just minuets before, fled through a secret escape route under the kitchen that led into the cities sewer system, with a few of the servants, various house children, and his uncle Gabriel to eastern Cheliax. There they built a new home in a trading town near the River Keld where the Vestial family now runs some of the trading routes trying to procure funds to once again rebuild the families fortune and obtain a means to creat an army to overthrow House of Thrune and free Chiliax from it’s otherworldly slavery. Within CHeliax the Vestial family hides it’s name and goes by the name Koten. But never forgetting where they came from. Years later Elane gave birth to Ellen and soon after that Robb and after that Curtis, then Joscelin. currently Rictor is 71 and Elane is 68. Richard is 45, Ellen is 40, Robb is 23, Curtis is 21,and Joscelin is 18.

Richard is acting as head of the household learning the ways of the Paladin of Ioun, Ellen has married and lives in the estate and has a young daughter Jessica (16) who plays with Joscelin and is fascinated by the Runes that Curtis wields. Robb became a battle cleric believing that is is important to fight while still maintaining a sense of self. Him and Curtis were asked to go forth and acquire resources and provisions. The Vestial family will retake their manor and relame their name within Cheliax. To do so, xazax must be obtained for the devils fear it, and devils are the enemy.

After a few weeks Curtis got a lead and pursued it. Robb at first thought nothing of it. And let Curtis go while he tried to find another lead. Suddenly one night, Robb received a revaluation from Ioun. Flashes of a sparks, as if a battle was engaged. then a dark room, a heart beat racing while he Heard Curtis yell out in strength. suddenly a flash of fire and lightning. Curtis’ face bloodied and lifeless gazing into the other world. the scene raced outwards, over a hill, a forest, then the river, then to the town, and last into Robb’s room at the Silver Feather. Robb awoke in a panic, geared up and took off to confirm the vision. He discovered a group of adventurers whom Curtis was involved with and learned of the fate of his younger Brother Curtis. He later sent a messenger to his family to inform them of Curtis’ fate. Robb now Hates bullywogs

now Robb continues the quest and will do what is necessary to reclaim his families honor and to avenge his beloved brother. While spending time with these adventurers, Robb is learning what is means to truly fight. But his nights are not with ease. Robb is having dreams of his brother. Regrets for not being there when he was needed most. With his gift, he could have saved him. Now nightmares have begun to creep into his slumber. terrifying visions of his brother yelling for him. darkness, fire, pain, suffering. Robb believes that something must be wrong, a Devil appears every so often in his dreadful dreams, smirking and whispering, “I’ve got him.”. Robb wonders, “what could this all mean?” only time will tell.

Robb Vestial

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