Andoran considers itself the birthplace of freedom. As the only known large scale democracy in Golarian, it may be right. A place of dwindling but still massive supply of timber and bordered by the Inner Sea, Andoran has been the center of resources, trade, contested territory, and political upheaval. The people of Andoran are tolerant of foreigners and people of many persuasions, but intolerant of slavery and other violations of “inalienable right.” A place with melting pot cosmopolitans like Almas, frontier lands, ocean trade (and pirate intrigue), abandoned underground kingdom, ancient keeps, and colorful characters of all kinds, Andoran is a place full of adventure. The most important symbol of Andoran is one of its most numerous inhabitants: birds, particularly birds of prey.

Common Knowledge

The current nation of Andoran is the result of the People’s Revolt of 4669, when Andoran declared independence from the neighboring kingdom of Cheliax. Cheliax had come under the control of the House of Thrune, an evil, devil-worshipping aristocracy, which cruel sensibilities did not go over well in Andoran.

Today, the government of Andoran is made up of the People’s Council, elected councilors from the municipalities and major guilds of Andoran, totaling about 350. The Council votes on a Supreme Elect, who oversees the twice a year Council meetings and manages the executive branch of government. The Supreme Elect also acts as major of Almas, the capital of Andoran, and elects all other majors and governmental officials. The current Supreme Elect is Codwin I of Augustana, who is widely regarded to be wise, fair, and capable

The largest banks and the Lumber Consortium represent powerful influences throughout Andoran, some feel too powerful. The Lumber Consortium in particular is often reviled. Regarded as a necessary evil, this near monopoly on the timber trade has often acted as if above the law. Those members of the People’s Council who don’t depend on the political support of the Consortium often run on the platform of limiting the Consortium’s power.

The volunteer national military consists of three parts: the Knights (internal security), the Legion (army), and the Corsairs (navy). The people of Andoran highly respect their military and consider the elite branches to one of the most honorable positions obtainable. These branches are respectively: The Eagle Knights, the Steel Falcons, and the Condors. There is a mysterious spy agency called the Knight Owls. This military protects the nation from the conflicting interests of Cheliax and Taldor, actively fights slavery and piracy on the high seas, holds back numerous kobold tribes to the north and west, and solves conflicts (violently or diplomatically) with the fey and druidic influences of the timber rich forests.

Much of the land is unexplored or abandoned during the various political upheavals. An adventurer is sure to always stay busy between the empty underground kingdoms, ancient keeps and temples, sealed underground passages, secret corruptions, and primeval forests.

People of Andoran The original people of Andoran are a common folk who enjoy simple pleasures and refined arts and food. Andoran has attracted many folk outside, creating a melting pot of customs, looks, and religions. However, the worship of Bahamut, Corellon, and Pelor as a kind of triad remains the primary religions. Talmandor, the avian angel, is a spiritual patron said to speak on behalf of all three gods. Erathis and Avandra are also popular among many Andorans.

The people of Andoran fear tyranny and distrust of those with too much power and authority. The large cities uphold the values as set by their founders the most. Those in the frontier lands are often too pressed for survival to think too deeply about the philosophical rights of man, and more than one town has in the past been run by evil influences.

Birds hold a special place among Andorans. The youth are often trained to hunt with birds of prey, and numerous insignias, statues, and names of institutions have some kind of avian aspect. The bird is the ultimate symbol of freedom to the Andorans.

Places of Andoran


Arthfell Forest

Darkmoon Vale

Falcon’s Hollow

Voran’s Keep


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