The calendar is based on the formation of Absalom, the largest metropolis of the Inner Sea Region, using the designation Absalom Reckoning (AR). A date starts with the day, followed the month and finally the year. For example, 5 Avind 4708 is the starting day and year of the campaign.

Each day is roughly 24 hours, with 7 day weeks and 52 weeks per year. A year has 12 months – each month is titled after a deity.

Days of the Week (First to Last)
Months of the Year (First to Last)
Month Season Deity
Gruum Winter Gruumsh
Karus Winter Kord
Corelus Spring Corellon
Maloi Spring Melora
Avind Spring Avandra
Pelir Summer Pelor
Mordis Summer Moradin
Bahamus Summer Bahamut
Sehant Fall Sehanine
Erathian Fall Erathis
Ions Fall Ioun
Corvus Winter The Raven Queen


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