Welcome to the world of Golarian!

You currently hold up in Almas, the capital of Andoran. However, you are from the nation of Cheliax, a nation lead by devil worshipers. However, not everyone from Cheliax is evil…you yourselves only seek to return more powerful. Therefore, you seek the xasax, a strange light silvery substance most useful against devils. With the xasax you can return protected to Cheliax, perhaps becoming powerful enough to conquer Cheliax and return it to its former glory.

However, you are not the only ones who seeks xasax. Other parties desire it, some abhor it and seek to destroy it, and others may have still more mysterious motives.

Regardless, the world is yours for the exploring. You can hunt, conquer, steal, or earn your way toward power. There are many paths to take with different destinies. Which will be yours?

Fortune Hunters

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